Apples, Favor Boxes, Cookies


Custom caramel and sugar apples

Our Caramel and Candy Apples are hand wrapped in delicious caramel and chocolate and wrapped individually in a cellophane bag and decorated with a fancy bow to match your decor and color scheme.

All Apples come in Two different sizes Mini Apples and Biggie Apples

Pricing: Minis $5.99 / Biggies $8.99

  1. Double chocolate caramel apple
  2. Toffee crunch caramel apple
  3. White chocolate caramel apple
  4. White chocolate coconut caramel apple
  5. Confetti milk chocolate caramel apple
  6. Chocolate Oreo caramel apple
  7. Chocolate pecan caramel apple
  8. Chocolate M&M caramel apple.
  9. White chocolate M&M caramel apple
  10. Milk chocolate Snickers caramel apple
  11. Rocky road milk chocolate caramel apple.
  12. Tuxedo milk & white chocolate apple.

Favor Boxes

Party favor boxes

Our individually boxed party favors are a great way to thank or welcome guests to your party! Each take out box offers cookies, cupcakes or brownies with a special tag and wrapped with a beautiful bow.

  1. Cupcake in a box: Biggie $6.99
  2. Cupcake in a box: Mini $4.99
  3. Brownie in a box: (x2) $6.99
  4. Cookies in a box: (x2) $4.99


Polkatots not only offers the traditional sugar cookies,

but you can custom any photo on each sugar to chocolate chip cookies. All cookies are baked fresh with real butter. Each cookie comes individually wrapped in a cellobag and finished with a fluffy bow. You may also create your own box of cookies, perfect gift!

  1. Classic chocolate chip cookies
  2. M&M chocolate chip cookies
  3. Plain sugar cookie
  4. Cinnamon cookies
  5. Classic confetti sugar cookie
  6. Oatmeal raisin cookie
  7. Customize your image of sugar cookies round
  8. Customize your image of sugar cookies square
  9. Number cookies
  10. Lollipop cookies
  11. Custom shape & design cookies

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