About Polkatots cupcakes

It was not an easy decision for Milena Petrosian to open Polkatots in 2008.

With a tight budget especially at a disastrous economic time. Took matters into her own hands and had a 100% belief in her concept and idea.

Milena was very young when she began helping out her father at his bakery and he soon relied on her to help run a business. Soon she decided to attend culinary school and became a Chef at Le Cordon Bleu Culinary School in Pasadena, CA. A couple of months after graduating, her father Araik opened another bakery and Milena was soon in charge. At only 20 years of age, Milena was cutting the ribbon for Polkatots Cupcakes.

At that time, cupcakes were becoming a trend, lots of cupcake shops were opening but Milena had a different concept than the competitions out there. Had the perfect niche for busy moms. Who would rather be enjoying the party with their guests than listening to children squabble over who got which piece of cake? Milena's business plan was to cheer people up at difficult times, something fun and happy with a good sense of humor. A business that she can put her culinary artistic and business oriented skills together.

In June of 2012, Milena decided to expand her vision of Polkatots by opening a new location in Montrose, CA.

So, ladies and gents, we give you POLKATOTS!!

Eat, enjoy and come back soon with your friends. The story shall continue. NOT THE END!!

A very important part of having a successful business is the wonderful Community

that has made that possible. At Polkatots we are grateful for that and we love giving back. We support Non Profit Organizations and Foundations helping them to meet their goals by becoming part of their Events. Ever since Polkatots opened its doors in 2008 we have donated Cupcakes to numerous charitable and noble causes. It makes us happy to contribute as much as we can. We loving giving back to our community.

Please send requests and Event information to fun@polkatotscupcakes.com or CALL US (626) 798 3932

You are welcome in our cupcake shop